Elle Aviv has extensive experience in the AV industry including working on the distribution side of the business managing key national accounts across the United States. Elle earned her Bachelor‘s degree in Organizational Leadership and Management and a Master’s Degree in Communications and Media Practice.

Elle began her career in the Israeli Air Force as a navigation and investigation officer. She received an award of excellence for her dedication and achievement during her service.
Prior to working in the AV world, Elle was a television show host for a British shopping channel. During her career in television, she traveled to the UK and India to learn about business processes from manufacturing to product and sales.

Throughout her career, Elle has lived in California, New York, Israel, Australia, and Florida and has worked with many clients from different cultures and backgrounds allowing her to acquire a rich knowledge of business and building lasting relationships.

Outside of working in AV, Elle’s passions include being a mom, hiking, snowboarding, going to live music events, and traveling the world. She especially loves going to Jazz Fest in New Orleans. Elle’s favorite vacation spot is New Zealand with its incredible scenery and natural beauty.

What Elle loves most about the AV industry are the people. She’s met some of the most interesting and creative people in the AV world from musicians to film makers. She finds it exceptionally rewarding to be working with such a diverse group of people and seeing the final outcome of project execution from state-of-the-art music studios to incredible innovative museums which is always a source of inspiration and pride.

Having worked on the distribution side of the business, Elle saw the need to bridge the gap between the integrators and vendors to help simplify the cost savings and procurement process for our partners.

Elle is especially proud of the culture created within the company emphasizing the importance of embracing and valuing people before profits. “Humanity should always come first.”