Prior to joining Stat AV as partner and operations, Jewels Alix entered the AV space several years ago via distribution from a management position in the healthcare industry. She quickly moved from the customer service support role to the operations team, which included training and developing new hires. A passion and specialty of hers is creating systems and processes to make colleagues have a clear understanding of expectations and be efficient, which ultimately results in very happy customers. The opportunity to work the frontline and behind the scenes shed light on the many difficulties integrators face. Working with commercial AV integrators nationwide quickly uncovered that there are many pain points in the AV industry from product availability, logistics, and ever-changing challenges. Assisting integrators with a positive attitude, timely communication, empathy, and a funny meme here and there are some of the key components in providing great customer service and building lasting relationships.

Jewels is also a wife and mother of two. She enjoys Scandinavian/ Nordic interior design and creating beautiful spaces for others to enjoy. Jewels’ love for travel has taken her and her family to many exciting destinations. An unforgettable experience was spent in Playa Venao, Panama where she and her family learned to surf and lived the life eating fresh fish and waking to crashing waves from their beachside casita.
The decision to join Stat AV was easy. Stat AV presented an opportunity to be a part of a positive disruption in the AV industry that would benefit their future customers and future employees. The culture standard would be tested and would raise the bar across the world of AV. Stat AV stands true to its guiding principles. One of Jewels’ favorite guiding principles is “compassion.” “When we have compassion for others we impact lives, and that is what Stat AV is all about.”