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Elle Aviv


Business Development

Elle Aviv has extensive experience in the AV industry including working on the distribution side of the business managing key national accounts across the United States. Elle earned her Bachelor‘s degree in Organizational Leadership and Management and a Master’s Degree in Communications and Media Practice.

Elle began her career in the Israeli Air Force as a navigation and investigation officer. She received an award of excellence for her dedication and achievement during her service.

Prior to working in the AV world, Elle was a television show host for a British shopping channel. During her career in television, she traveled to the UK and India to learn about business processes from manufacturing to product and sales.

Throughout her career, Elle has lived in California, New York, Israel, Australia, and Florida and has worked with many clients from different cultures and backgrounds allowing her to acquire a rich knowledge of business and building lasting relationships.

Outside of working in AV, Elle’s passions include being a mom, hiking, snowboarding, going to live music events, and traveling the world. She especially loves going to Jazz Fest in New Orleans. Elle’s favorite vacation spot is New Zealand with its incredible scenery and natural beauty.

What Elle loves most about the AV industry are the people. She’s met some of the most interesting and creative people in the AV world from musicians to film makers. She finds it exceptionally rewarding to be working with such a diverse group of people and seeing the final outcome of project execution from state-of-the-art music studios to incredible innovative museums which is always a source of inspiration and pride.

Having worked on the distribution side of the business, Elle saw the need to bridge the gap between the integrators and vendors to help simplify the cost savings and procurement process for our partners.

Elle is especially proud of the culture created within the company emphasizing the importance of embracing and valuing people before profits. “Humanity should always come first.”

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Jewels Alix



Prior to joining Stat AV as partner and operations, Jewels Alix entered the AV space several years ago via distribution from a management position in the healthcare industry. She quickly moved from the customer service support role to the operations team, which included training and developing new hires. A passion and specialty of hers is creating systems and processes to make colleagues have a clear understanding of expectations and be efficient, which ultimately results in very happy customers. The opportunity to work the frontline and behind the scenes shed light on the many difficulties integrators face. Working with commercial AV integrators nationwide quickly uncovered that there are many pain points in the AV industry from product availability, logistics, and ever-changing challenges. Assisting integrators with a positive attitude, timely communication, empathy, and a funny meme here and there are some of the key components in providing great customer service and building lasting relationships.

Jewels is also a wife and mother of two. She enjoys Scandinavian/ Nordic interior design and creating beautiful spaces for others to enjoy. Jewels’ love for travel has taken her and her family to many exciting destinations. An unforgettable experience was spent in Playa Venao, Panama where she and her family learned to surf and lived the life eating fresh fish and waking to crashing waves from their beachside casita.

The decision to join Stat AV was easy. Stat AV presented an opportunity to be a part of a positive disruption in the AV industry that would benefit their future customers and future employees. The culture standard would be tested and would raise the bar across the world of AV. Stat AV stands true to its guiding principles. One of Jewels’ favorite guiding principles is “compassion.” “When we have compassion for others we impact lives, and that is what Stat AV is all about.”

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Liza Cruz


Client Relations

Prior to joining the Stat AV family, Liza Cruz spent several years working in the AV industry where her “people over profits” mentality helped her build long lasting relationships and provide exceptional customer service to thousands of AV integrators and manufacturers across the U.S.

Contrary to popular belief, Liza is more than a ray of customer service sunshine. She is a mother of two and a successful realtor who enjoys outdoor activities and has a secret fondness for country music and Backstreet Boys concerts. She hasn’t traveled very far yet, but her goal is to visit every state in the U.S. and every country in the world.

One phrase Liza lives by is “be a good human” which is why “humanity” is Liza’s favorite guiding principle at Stat AV. Being a good human encompasses all aspects of life. Humanity is about caring for others and forgetting one’s selfish needs when others need help the most.

This is one of the many reasons Liza decided to join the Stat AV family. The culture established at Stat AV has far reaching affects, on both the customers, and employees. Choosing humanity and putting people first and ensuring they feel cared for and valued results in creativity, productivity, longevity, loyalty, and unity.

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Jay Jones


Director of Strategic Alliance


Jay enters his role at Stat AV with significant experience spanning more than 30 years in systems integration and technology design, where he has led teams of all sizes in the audiovisual industry.

Prior to joining Stat AV, Jay was Director of Procurement at Audio Visual Design Group and Electrosonic, where he established procurement standards, overseeing the management of multiple teams based in London, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago and Boston. He was the founder of AVMAN, an audiovisual integrator, from 2001 to 2019, where he served as the Chief Executive Officer until its acquisition. One of the biggest lessons Jay has learned throughout his career in AV over the past 30 years is that almost all AV integrators leave money on the table due to time constraints or failing to see how taking the extra step to register projects can add up to big savings in the end.

As a father of three grown children and a former AV business owner for 20 years, he has seen many changes in life. He was lucky to choose a career in the Pro AV Industry right out of college that allowed him to explore his passion for technology. Jay started selling AV gear in the early 90’s when all we had to offer were black and white LCD panels or large CRT projectors that delivered dim images in a dark room. Today we have direct view LED walls that can be used outdoors in direct sunlight. What difference Moore’s Law Philosophy has made in our Pro AV industry.

Traveling the world with friends and family over the years has been one of his greatest joys, away from his work. One of his favorite places to visit is the small Caribbean Island of Vieques, where you can find beautiful beaches with more wild horses than people. Aside from traveling for leisure, Jay has created cherished memories by taking his children to help missionaries around the world. “I love teaching my children to give back and not acting as if the world owes them anything,” Jay added. He has also been an avid poker player for the last 30 years which he enjoys with his close friends, but you will rarely find him in a casino.

Jay shares his guiding principle in life: “Always focus on the positive things in life, don’t let the minor issues distract you from your goals.”

“I am very excited to help the team at Stat AV grow and develop strategic alliances within our Pro AV Industry by bridging the gaps between manufacturers to integrators.”

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Roy Assad

Business Coach


Drawing from his own experience as an accomplished businessman, entrepreneur, restaurateur and publisher, Roy has developed a unique insight in the dynamics of business and mastered the arts of networking, negotiation and bridge building, which are the key ingredients of success.

Born in Syria, Roy moved to the United States at the age of 18 without any money and unable to speak a word of English. Armed with only motivation and grand dreams, his hard work and determination allowed him to become his own first success story. What began as a “first job” in the mailroom of an insurance agency has grown into a life of entrepreneurial passion.

In addition to being a partner and business analyst at Stat AV, Roy is the managing partner of the Human Capital Group where he provides clients with guidance to help them unleash hidden potential, eliminate roadblocks and capitalize on unique talents, maximizing personal and professional success.

Roy founded the Human Capital Group in 2003. His mission has always been to help executives and entrepreneurs through creating customized strategies and corporate training plans that are roadmaps to building a life and career that they love.

Roy also owned The Haberdasher, a custom clothing company which he sold profitably in 2001. As well, he opened an award winning Middle Eastern restaurant, Leila in 2004, followed by L’Opera in 2006.

Extremely committed to his community, Roy has served on committees, organizations and charities like Discover the Palm Beaches, Downtown Development Authority–West Palm Beach, International Coach Federation, Best Buddies Palm Beach, and The Palm Beach Chamber, amongst many others.

Roy’s interests and hobbies include playing soccer, biking, watching movies, dining out, and spending time with his daughter. He enjoys getting R&R at luxury hotels too. While many travel destinations piqued his interest, he fell in love with Hawaii the first time he visited, and has been back multiple times.

His interest in Stat AV began after meeting with the partners, whom he believes are trailblazers. His favorite concert is Stairway to Heaven, which he watched live at the Kennedy Center.

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Purveyor of Joy

Lucky became part of the Stat Av family in 2021, and Stat AV wouldn’t be the same without him. Most days, he can be found participating in client meetings, snoozing on the couch, providing cuddles and comfort to staff, and approving vacation time.

While it may seem that Lucky spends a lot of time sleeping on the job, he is a very good boy and an essential part of the company culture.

When he’s not working, Lucky enjoys going for walks, playing outside, running on the beach and making new friends.

At 14 years old, Lucky is an old soul with bundles of youthful enthusiasm – and he happily accepts belly rubs from visitors, clients, delivery people and pretty much anyone else.

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