The AV industry is synonymous with many powerful words: innovative, intuitive, futuristic and tactile. Yet, it’s also plagued by a less-favorable phrase: efficiency dilemma. Despite being a problem-solver for so many businesses, the AV industry has its own obstacles to overcome.

“Common problems include missed deadlines on project bids, outdated cost files, issues processing bid registrations and missed opportunities with annual rebate programs,” says Elle Aviv, a co-founder of women-led Stat AV, a company that seeks to reimagine the AV industry. “Working with integration companies, we have witnessed time and time again the challenges in finding the solution to these common issues,” she adds. “But, by implementing processes, we can solve many of these issues.”

One of the more common mishaps is failing to register projects and missing project bid deadlines. Multiple contributing factors can lead to that issue: bringing the integrator into the process on short notice or setting unrealistic expectations for the integrator; a project already having been registered with the vendor; or the integrator not having the dedicated team to process project bids in a timely manner.

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“Even if there is a dedicated team, it’s important to ask if they have the individual vendor criteria and resources to successfully execute the request in a timely manner,” Aviv explains. “We see mistakes occurring because integrators are managing multiple projects at once.” Project bids typically consist of multiple vendor lines, she continues, and not all vendors offer project registrations. “Or product lines must be sourced through distribution, which can extend the process,” Aviv adds.

Integrators Must Tend to Project-Bid Deadlines

Meeting project-bid deadlines is a crucial step to winning future bids. “It’s essential to create specific processes, gather the required vendor information and staff a team capable of executing,” Aviv explains. And if you’re short-staffed, then consider outsourcing to an expert company that can accomplish the goal more cost-effectively than hiring permanent employees would be. Contact us